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Theme 1: Individual Actors

Theme 1: Individual Actors

Our work on individual actors recognises that the delivery of large-scale biodiversity renewal is dependent on public support. Through better understanding of individuals’ engagement with nature we will improve the effectiveness of the methods used by many environmental organisations to develop that public support.

We all have a personalised ecology i.e. a unique set of interactions with nature grounded by history and place. It is important to understand how personalised ecologies change throughout our lives, including as a result of biodiversity renewal or environmental changes. In addition, research has shown the positive effects of nature for human wellbeing including our emotions, attitudes and behaviour toward it, which in turn may shape positive behaviour towards biodiversity protection or renewal. Through partner case studies and research into how personalised ecologies are influenced we hope to understand better how these can shape more effective communications and solutions, based on public support for, and participation in, forward-looking biodiversity renewal activities.


Theme 1 is working to:

  • Determine factors underlying the aesthetic, emotional and cultural significance to individuals of current landscapes, and the changes that could occur under biodiversity renewal.
  • Determine how personalised ecologies develop and change across the life course, including the influence and implications of people’s personal, social and professional life, and the existence of personal ‘tipping points’ or ‘transformative experiences’, where particular experiences or opportunities transform a relationship with nature.
  • Determine how personalised ecologies, emotions, attitudes and behaviour toward nature change through the forthcoming major period of national environmental and socio-political change.
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