A profile picture of Postdoctoral Researcher Caroline Nye

Dr Caroline Nye

Research Fellow

University of Exeter

Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology

Caroline Nye is a social scientist who has worked on a portfolio of agriculture-related projects. She specialises in qualitative research but is experienced in a variety of mixed and novel method approaches. Her research expertise encompasses agricultural labour, farmer collaboration and landscape-scale farmer groups (Farmer Clusters), livestock markets, and the wellbeing and resilience of agricultural communities. Due to participation in a number of agri-environment related projects in recent years, Caroline has an up-to-date understanding of the determinants which drive farmer participation in agri-environment schemes and the social-cultural indicators influencing levels of engagement. Caroline has conducted hundreds of interviews with agricultural stakeholders online, face-to-face and over the phone and regularly advises media outlets such as BBC, the Telegraph, Countryfile and the farming media. Caroline is currently working on the RENEW project to investigate the conditions affecting land manager engagement in biodiversity renewal, in order to work on embedding biodiversity renewal into practise.

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